DJI FPV vs DJI Air 2S Cinematic Showdown: Which one should you buy?!

I flown and shot film with both drones, and I’m going to recommend the DJI Air 2s as a photography drone for content creators.

Otherwise for a pure flying experience, I’m going to recommend the DJI FPV as a first person view drone .

But between the DJI Air 2S vs DJI FPV, the best drone is the one you fly the most.

Why the DJI Air 2S?

You’re flying this drone to take some amazing footage. Your drone camera will be able to shoot cinematically as if you were on top of a skyscraper or mountain. You’re panorama shots will go to whole another level as you capture the scenery from your journey.

Between the two drones, this drone is built for it’s camera with a 1″ sensor. The drone’s larger sensor captures more light. The more light you capture, the higher resolution you can get. The 5.4K maximum resolution gets you all the crispy details your video needs.

The film looks amazing in low light. It’s perfect for capturing the all the brilliant colors at sunrise and sunset. You’ll take your golden hour shots to another level.

DJI Air 2S at Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California on a cloudy day

Not only does this drone capture more light, but this drone flies further.

The Ocusync 3.0 gives you seven miles of range with your remote control. The camera is capable of beaming the video back to you within this seven miles of range.

So even if you lose visual line of sight, you’ll be able to see where you are and pilot yourself back. Worst case, you’ll be able to use the intelligent flight modes to return home.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about controlling your drone against the wind. The gimbal is capable of stabilizing your shot whether you’re flying or hovering.

DJI Air 2S gimbal in action

I suspect that the gimbal would do fine in the rain or snow too, but I don’t recommend trying it since this drone isn’t waterproof…

And like my favorite DSLR camera, you can use DLOG for colorgrading the HLG. It’s a simple way to make your shots look exactly the same as you first saw them.

Colorgrading the DJI Air 2S footage

I’m in awe each time, I take it out flying.

Why the DJI FPV?

The DJI FPV drone provides a very different experience. Once you master this beast, you have complete freedom in the air. The first person view is as if you’re Maverick in Top Gun.

What I recommend for beginners, is flying in normal mode. It’s a lot like having training wheels since the drone has obstacle detection preventing a crash for your new drone. This makes N mode is safe enough to use while you learn. There’s a lot of new inputs for you to control as an FPV pilot. You have to get used to the FPV goggles, build your muscle memory for the remote control and learn the camera settings.

As you get more flight time, you’ll move into sport mode. In S mode, your limiter breaks and you can hit your maximum speed of 82.74mph. The remote control is more responsive and you’re more agile in the air as you fly.

Then you’re ready, you’ll move into manual mode. This is the true FPV mode.

DJI FPV diving off the cliff in Northern California

When I fly in FPV mode, I’m looking for a very different kind of shot. I’m looking for the shots that get your heart racing and blood pumping. FPV flying is the only you’ll be able to film that. If you can feel the barrel rolls, flips, and loops, then your audience will feel the same immersive shots.

I highly recommend practicing M mode on the simulator, along with taking a spotter with you on the first couple flights as you get used the various settings in real life.

Should I get the DJI Air 2S or DJI FPV?

Both drones have different use cases.

If you only want to fly FPV drones, then you’ll have to get a DJI FPV. None of the FPV goggles work with the DJI Air 2S as of this article, but it’s possible there will be a software update in the future.

Benefit of getting the DJI FPV is that it’s faster and stronger than the DJI Air 2S. The DJI FPV is more fun to fly because of this. You can still use it’s camera to take 4K photos and videos.

The tradeoff for power and speed is that battery life only runs for 15-20 minutes with maximum output at 100% charge.

Because the drone needs rigidity for all that power and speed you can’t fold the drone and goggles. This made it cumbersome for me to bring the drone with me everywhere.

In comparison, the DJI Air 2S has near double the battery life at 25-30 minutes giving you a longer flight time.

It’s harder to get the camera to take those near misses exhilarating shots since the drone is less agile and fast.

But, you can get take your time exploring and taking photos. You can get 5.4k photos and videos with more detail and along with a wider field.

DJI Air 2S taking in coastal Northern California

And since I can fold everything up, the smaller form factor makes it easy for me to take everywhere.

Summary: DJI Air 2S vs DJI FPV

Both drones are great fun to fly especially as you put in more flight time. I’d really like to take two drones at once, but I can only fly one drone at a time!


Which drone is has smaller footprint?

The DJI AIR 2S is the smaller drone and you don’t have to carry the FPV goggles around.

Which drone is faster?

The DJI FPV is more than twice as fast reaching up to 87.24 mph compared to the DJI Air 2S at 42.50 mph

Which drone flies longer?

Both drones have the same battery size at 2000mah, but the DJI AIR 2S has a longer flight time.

Which drone takes better pictures and video?

The DJI Air 2S takes better pictures and video. Beginners can use the intelligent flight modes to hover, focus on objects and get quality shots that other drones would take hours of flight time to get.

Which drone is waterproof?

Neither DJI drone is waterproof.

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